We remember De Bruyne‘s outstanding four-goal Single Gameweek at the very end of the 2021/22 season, which propelled a number of players who dared to give him the armband to the top… but we know of more than one Double Gameweek where we’ve gambled on a prospect with two games in hand and he’s brought us a total of 1 point.

The choice of the best FPL captain is probably the most important decision in any FPL round.

How do we pick our captain? Do we bet on the sure thing (Salah from GW1 to GW38) or look for a differential in an attempt to claw our way ahead in the standings? Trust the many YouTube gurus or the bookies’ odds? Do we look for a hat-trick burst or a certainty with the penalty shoot-out player?

To sum up, the dilemmas are not one and two and the stronger a player is, the more difficult his decisions become. That’s why the FPL Picker is in front of you – the fortune teller that will solve all your problems.

FPL Picker can bring both countless successes and a lot of pain – it depends on his mood. Wavering between two (or more) players for captain? FPL Picker will do his magic and choose for you.

The FPL Picker‘s job is to help you in the final decision when all statistics, match difficulty, minutes played, press conference interpretations and more, and more… have already been taken into account.

In short… Have you narrowed your choices down to Mo Salah and De Bruyne? FPL Picker will choose for you. Have you decided to take a chance with differential and are wavering between Sadio Mane and Callum Wilson? Will it be the right decision? Maybe.

Ask FPL Picker now!


Best FPL Captain - Fantasy Premier League


In addition, this season, FPL Picker gives another option, far more certain. Before each Gameweek, the Picker selects the five most popular captain options – you’ll see them in front of you. Encourage the FPL Picker to pick one of them for you, and it will.

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