FPL 2021/22: WHAT IS THE PERFECT GAMEWEEK 1 SQUAD? | Fantasy Experts Ultimate Template Team

Welcome to a video where we use FPL pundits teams to create the perfect GW1 draft. This team will give you the perfectly balanced team to start you off for the 2021/22 Premier League season!

Thank you to all of the FPL pundits who sent me their teams to use within this video. You can find all of their links below, please go follow them:

Nathan Bacon FC: https://www.twitter.com/NathanBaconFC
FPL Swede: https://www.twitter.com/FPL_Swe
FPLTIPZ: https://www.twitter.com/FPLTIPZ
FPL Casual: https://www.twitter.com/FPLCasuals
FPDontTakeTheL: https://www.twitter.com/FPDontTakeTheL
FPL Architect: https://www.twitter.com/FPL_Architect
FPL GOAT: https://www.twitter.com/FPLGOAT7
FPL Reactions: https://www.twitter.com/FPLReaction

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